LESPI Preservation Campaigns

Working to Preserve Manhattan’s Historic Lower East Side

Manhattan’s Lower East Side is nothing short of incredible. Its tremendous architectural, historic and cultural character is unsurpassed in both the city and nation. During the 17th century, Peter Stuyvesant’s farm was located here, in the 19th century the East River waterfront was the center for NYC’s shipping and trade, and from the early 19th century through the present the area has served as perhaps the nation’s foremost community for immigrants. Not coincidentally, it’s also been a prime source for avant garde art, theater, literature and music, as well as progressive political thought.

We must act quickly to preserve the Lower East Side or the physical evidence of its rich history will disappear – a huge loss for us and for future generations.

Scroll down to review a sampling of LESPI’s initiatives toward the goal of preserving the Lower East Side’s rich and irreplaceable historic architecture and streetscapes.

Lower Manhattan Historic Districts, 2022. Map by Merica May Jensen

Sources: LPC Map, NYC Open Data Neighborhood Tabulation Areas