Archival Consultant Sought

LESPI is looking for a qualified archival consultant, local to the New York City area, to help to identify, maintain and preserve our archival resources. Please see our Request for Proposal for further information. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

May is Lower East Side History Month – get ready for a month of wonderful events and happenings! To celebrate, LESPI has scheduled two live book events, on Tuesday May 7 (SOLD OUT – see “Events and Webinars” below for more info, contact us at info@LESPI-nyc.org to get on a waiting list), and Tuesday May 21. Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for details on our May 21 book talk (see above to follow us).

Get Involved

LESPI is dedicated to preserving the historic areas and buildings of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, including the East Village,
Lower East Side below Houston Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Bowery.

Lower East Side Preservation Initiative
93 Fourth Avenue #1223
New York, NY 10003
Email: info at lespi-nyc.org
Phone: 347-827-1846