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This is a very small token of our appreciation for The Vida Feliz’s grants, which have provided essential funding for these books.  We’ve sold a total of more than 450 copies to date, and they’re available at the Strand, Museum of Chinese in America, McNally Jackson, and other locations.  We believe these publications are a great 

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East Village: Lens on the Lower East Side

LESPI’s book, “East Village: Lens on the Lower East Side,” now in its third printing, is a beautifully written history of the East Village by author Marilyn Appleberg and compilation of contemporary photographs by 6 photographers whose professional roots are in the area.  

Photographs by Don Freeman, Alan Gastelum, George Hirose, Onno de Jong, Marlis Momber, and Ciaran Tully show that the historic East Village is a vital, modern community, where the historic architecture and beautiful, century-old streetscapes foster creativity, self-expression and joy, as well as a diversity of people, businesses and institutions.